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Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are different methods which are used by professionals in cleaning the carpets. It is important for every homeowner to know these the various cleaning methods. This will help you in choosing the best method which suits all your needs. These are the frequently used methods for carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning

In this method, chemical cleaning solutions are used in extracting the dirt from your carpet. There are two methods of dry cleaning which includes the following:

Dry foam

This method is also referred to as the rotary shampoo. Here, shampoos are used on the carpet to suspend the dirt particles. A rotary machine which has counter-rotating fibers is used in suspending the dirt trapped in the fibers. Finally, the shampoo together with the dirt is extracted by use f a vacuum. This method is very fast and easy to apply. Additionally, it helps in drying the carpet very fast. However, this method cannot be used in removing the dirt trapped the surface of the carpet.

Dry method

This involves using a mixture of different solvents with a powder. This mixt
ure is spread all over the entire surface of the carpet. A machine is then used to absorb the trapped dirt. This is done by brushing the fibers of the carpet by use
of the machine. This method is very effective and fast. The system used is very simple and can be handled by anyone. However, this method is not suitable for removing stains and dirt trapped deep inside the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning

This method is used for cleaning the carpet using an absorbent pad. The carpet is first cleaned using a vacuum. A chemical solution is then sprayed over the carpet and allowed to stay for some time. The absorbent pad which is fitted on the floor of the machine is then allowed to spin over the surface of the carpet. The spinning mechanism of this machine helps in ensuring that the chemical solution gets into the carpet’s fibers. Lastly, vacuuming is done again to remove all the loosely held dirt and the chemical solution.

This method is relatively cheap. The method is also fast. The only problem with this method is that it cannot be used for cleaning the deep levels of your carpet. It is only effective in cleaning the top fibers on the carpet.

The cleaning services professionals widely use the methods discussed above in making the carpets clean. The information provided will help you in picking the best method that would be most suitable for your job.