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5 Tips To Hiring A Selling Agent


Finding a real estate agent who will sell your home may be a challenging task. However, it is important to get a professional who can give you the help and guidance to be able to sell your property. A selling or listing agent has the knowledge and experience of selling homes and can offer the help that a client may be looking for. If you are looking to hire one below are some tips.

Hiring A Selling Agent

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One can begin by asking for referrals from people they know who enlisted the services of a selling agent. ThisĀ could be friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers. Many real estate agents stay in business due to referrals from clients who were satisfied with their work. Find out who helped them sell their property and if they can refer them to you. An online search of listing agents within your area will also help one find some agents that they can consider to hire.

2. Ensure the agent is licensed

It is vital that one confirms that the listing agent has a license to operate the business. A company that is licensed has met all the requirements to provide the service. Check on the state regulatory website to verify that the listing agent’s license is valid.

3. Look at their credentials

One needs to look at the credentials of the agent. The agent needs to have the training, qualified and certified to provide the service. They need to be able to show proof of this. Also, inquire if they are members of an association. This shows that they are accountable to a body and work with a particular code and regulations.

4. Ask about their experience

Find out how long the selling agent has been in business. In the real estate industry experience is key. Inquire about their portfolio and how many deals they have handled, how many have they been able to close and what was the timeline for closing the deal. Also, inquire what their current listing is. According to it is important to find a selling agent who is knowledgeable about the property within your area and has handled homes within your range as part of their portfolio.

5. Find out the agents strategy

One needs to ask the agent what they plan to do to market their property. This will help the client assess whether the agent will can handle the sale of the home and if they have a strategy of how to go about it.…

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